Jraaf (nuo ina British Ingglish az draughts ˈdrɑːfts ar ina Moerkan Ingglish az checkers[1] a gruup a schratiji buod giem fi tuu plieya we invalv dayaganal muuv a yuunifaam giem piis ah manditeri kiapcha bai jomp uoba opuonent piis. Jraaf divelop frah alquerque.[2] Di niem diraiv frah di voerb fi jraa ar fi muuv.[3]

Intanashinal jraaf buod
Staatin lainop pah 10×10 jraaf buod

Refrans change up

  1. When this word is used in the UK, it is usually spelt chequers (as in Chinese chequers)
  2. The Online Guide to Traditional Games
  3. Joseph Strutt The sports and pastimes of the people of England London, 1801, p. 255 [1]
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